Terms & Conditions

Your confirmation pack, invoice/receipt and gift voucher will be sent to you within 3 working days of receiving your payment. All transactions are carried out in £ sterling. If you have supplied us with an email address we will mail you to confirm safe receipt of your payment, if you have specified that this is required.

VIP Solo Days are run on a one to one basis, falconer and participant, with the option to add spectators if required. Experience Days and Half Days are run with a maximum of six participants per falconer.

Spectators are charged as follows: 1/2 Day £20.00 per spectator, Full Day £35.00 per spectator, to a maximum of 2 per participant, except for VIP Solo Days, where the maximum is 4 spectators (£45.00 per spectator for Full Days, £25.00 per spectator for Half Days). Spectators can be booked along with your main booking, or they can be added, but 48 hours notice is needed prior to your booking date. All spectators must be charged for, and we reserve the right to refuse admission to any spectator who arrives on the day and who has not been pre-booked, in the event that their presence exceeds our maximum allowance numbers. We will make every effort to accommodate any un-booked spectator who arrives on the day, as we endeavour to be as flexible as possible, however, all spectators will each incur the relevant spectator fee, which is payable either in advance or in cash on the day of the booking.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. In the event of your day being postponed due to inclement weather, the valid date will be extended accordingly. Where a participant is unable to redeem their voucher within the 12 months following issue, and where unforeseen circumstances apply, please contact us as it may be possible to extend your voucher expiry date by £20 per extra month of activation to a maximum of three months. This is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Vouchers can be cancelled within 14 days of the date of purchase if necessary – in this event, a refund will be sent by cheque / to credit card within 14 days of cancellation – an administration /P&P charge of £20.00 is levied and will be deducted from the refund amount.

We reserve the right to alter the location of the course or experience day, or to postpone the date of the booking (and extend the voucher valid date if necessary).

In the event of bad weather, we reserve the right to postpone a booking. Whilst we make every effort to contact clients prior to their arrival for their day, due to the unpredictable nature of the weather this is not always possible. If the weather deteriorates during the course of the day, we may have no option but to stop flying. In this event, we can re-book a date for the remainder of your course with you for another day, and we can also not be held liable for hotel and travelling costs.

Once you have booked your date, you are able to alter the date up to 48 hours before you are due to attend. After this date, or if you fail to arrive for your booked date, your voucher will be deemed as being taken and we will regrettably be unable to re-book this for you.

Handling any type of bird or animal is never predictable. On arrival at our location, you will be given guidelines to assist you and maximise your enjoyment of your day, which we endeavour to make as exciting and enjoyable for you as possible. There is always a risk of injury in handling animals, and although we make every effort to ensure this risk is minimal, we will draw your attention to the risks involved and ask you to confirm you are aware of this. Participants should be aware that they participate at their own risk, and that Wide Eyes Falconry CIC is not responsible for the safety of any personal possessions belonging to clients whilst they are at our location for their day.

Lunch is included for both participants and spectators on the VIP Solo and Full Day Experience Days. Lunch is NOT included for participants or spectators on the Half Day Experience Days. In the event of any enquiries you can contact us in the following ways, and we will do our best to assist and ensure maximum enjoyment of your experience.